Friday, March 15, 2013

VARION'S VIEW: Scar on my Forehead: Wide Awake

(Huntsville, AL.)--Many of you may recall my absolute fondness for a young writer from Huntsville who had the great fortune of spending more than six months in Italy. Terasha Nicole is a North Alabama based writer we introduced to "VISION/VOICE/VARION" readers last year.  Many of you joined me in hanging on her every word as she beautifully described her adventure and discovery of Europe.

This month, the aspiring writer is talking about the adjustment of being home and sometimes, "the growing pains" that come with making it back to those you love most.

In this week's Varion's View, check out Terasha Nicole's latest entry under "Scar on My Forehead."

Scar on my Forehead: Wide Awake: A new chapter in my life is turning. As I try to fly high on the wings of gratefulness, I sit on the wings of a broken heart. But I heard a...

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