Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sunday's Best Alexis Spight and Varion Walton-Photo: "E Photo" aka Elpwe Ray

(NASHVILLE, TN.) ---The 28th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards will re-air on Gospel Music Channel Saturday, March 9th.  Be sure to catch my interview with one of this awards shows'  most notable "rising stars," Alexis Spight.  Many gospel fans remember Alexis coming in second place in this season's "Sunday Best,  however today Alexis Spight is a determined 19year old with a "BIG VOICE" AND A "HUGE DREAM."  Don't miss my recap of this "STELLAR MOMENT,"  ALL NEW this week on "VISION/VOICE/VARION."

Check OUT THIS VIDEO:  Alexis Spight's "red carpet" arrival at the ASCAP "Morning Glory Breakfast" honoring the legendary Gospel Superstar Andrae Crouch at The Hutton Hotel in Nashville during Stellar Awards weekend.



(NASHVILLE, TN.)-- He hails from "The Music City" and his soulful roots run deep and wide.  From his early training in gospel, to his work with rock and pop; Jonathan Winstead has expanded his eclectic repertoire to include fresh, contemporary takes on the age-old themes of love, hurt, passion and happiness.  Jonathan Winstead moves to his own groove, creating his own style of Classic R&B.  Remember the name Jonathan Winstead, a fresh balladeer turning heads in the Mid-South and the UK.  Don't miss this VISION/VOICE/VARION--all new this week on

Varion Walton and Jonathan Winstead--Photo: "E Photo" aka Elpwe Ray

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


(Nashville, TN.)-- They call it Gospel's Night at The Grammy's....the 2013 Stellar Awards.  Mary, Mary,  Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Andrae Crouch and newcomer Alexis Spight. This video is just a sample of the red carpet arrivals, scoops and exclusive interviews at The Grand Ole Opry. The gospel stars fell on Nashville and VISION/VOICE/VARION is there for captured every "Stellar Moment!"   Spread the word, tell  a friend--later this week Varion's got highlights along with the covenant list of the night's biggest winner.  Don't miss a second of it....ALL NEW Thursday on

Monday, January 21, 2013


(NASHVILLE, TN)-- Every now and then you get to witness something so awesome it gives you "goosebumps."  During the weekend of The 28th Annual Stellar Awards in Nashville I got an opportunity to witness such an event.   

ASCAP's Rhythm and Soul recognized The 2013 Stellar Awards nominees during their 3rd Annual "Morning Glory" Breakfast Reception.

Check out this video as some of gospel's greats pay homage to "the greatest!" In addition to recognizing The 2013 Stellar Awards Nominees,  ASCAP's Rhythm and Soul honored Andrae' Crouch for his outstanding contribution to gospel music.  

The Legendary Williams Brothers, Maurette Brown-Clark, Jason Nelson and newcomer Alexis Spight honored the legendary singer and songwriter with an impromptu musical tribute.  Andrae Crouch can be seen sitting in a chair to the right of the screen.


(NASHVILLE, TN.)--It was my first year at The Stellar Awards and it was amazing.  I have to admit, most of my experience in entertainment report has been anything but gospel.  I'm new to the genre, but I'm gaining an increasing amount of respect.  I've never witnessed a more organized red carpet arrival.  Some of gospel's greatest superstars; Marvin Sapp, Marvin Winans, Mary Mary, Smokie Norful and many more were so incredible gracious and accommodating.  I can't wait to share my stories, scoops and VVV exclusives.  Stay Close!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Remembering The "Drum Major For Justice"

(Mobile, AL)--Today we honor a "true man of peace." Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Your life and legacy lives on in me and many other journalists who stand squarely on your shoulders.   As our nation prepares to set aside a day to honor you and the sacrifice your family made during the second inauguration of President Barak Obama, I'm think about how far we've come.  We've come a long way as a nation, but I can't ignore the fact that there is so much more to be done.

Your message of non-violence has truly been lost in the generation you left behind. Today the number of violent crimes, school shootings and murders blows the mind. Gone is the hunger for change, equality, integrity, sacrifice and humility. We've become a society of Reality TV where Twitter and Facebook are now the barometer for measuring a man.  Seldom do we hear of anyone who takes a stand for what is right.  Too often a six-figured salary is the motivation.  Too often too many people are made famous for doing absolutely nothing to make the world a better place to live.

I can only pray some day a new drum major will surface. A man or woman with your tenacity, drive, fearless commitment of justice and equality for all.  A true visionary who will be governed by your words;  "it's always the right time to do what's right." Happy Birthday Dr. King.  The world is a better place because you were here, if only for a little while.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Reason to Smile Commercial Featuring Gina Brown

(New Orleans, LA.)--For weeks we've been building up, previewing and teasing you about the new Louisiana Lottery jingle and commericial. This week, it's official Gina Brown is now the new voice and face behind this revamped campaign.  Spread the word;  tell a friend-- Gina Brown is doing "the darn thing," giving you something to smile about!   


(Mobile, AL.)  For weeks "VISION/VOICE/VARION" has been filling you in for weeks now about "the Alabama connection" to one of the most iconic movies of the year; "Django Unchained!" Kelvin Wooten and Daniel Beard are two Alabama based musicians who are influencing Hollywood with their incredible single, "Freedom" on the soundtrack of the Oscar award winning movie.

Check out this video and find out how you can  win big with this "VISION/VOICE/VARION" giveaway!  The number of "LIKES" on the official "VW Network" fan page will make you eligible to win a free "autographed" copy of the musical soundtrack to the Oscar-Nominated Movie "Django Unchained!"

Spread the word; tell a friend Varion is kicking off 2013 in a big way!!
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(Huntsville, AL.)  Spread the word; tell a friend, Varion is kicking off a new season of "VISION/VOICE/VARION" in a really big way!  2013 promises to be "bigger, better and filled with more exclusive interviews and major giveaways!  Keep it locked into

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Legend is Back! Arsenio Hall September 2013

(Los Angeles, CA) ---What a week!  After the news of Kim Kardashian becoming Kanye West's "baby mama," finally some news I'm happy to share.

If you're older than 30 you remember him as the "prince of darkness." He sported a "high top" fade that was the envy of every guy on your block.  Most of us remember him as charismatic, charming and with a sofa that welcomed some of the hottest acts in R &B.  Arsenio Hall is making a come back September 2013 and he's bringing the party with him.

Welcome back Arsenio.  Now that Oprah's gone the field is wide open for you to work your magic!  After 10 years of reality shows like Love and Hip Hop and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, even a warmed over version of your show in the late 90's will be a breath of fresh air.  "You Go Boy!"