Thursday, October 27, 2011

Up Close with Gospel Artist Brian Courtney Wilson

(Mobile, Alabama) October 9th-His message of "Just Love" resonated with gospel music fans for an unbelievable 60 weeks. His chart-topping debut album in 2009 quickly turned heads and had music fan believing in the "musical genius" of Brian Courtney Wilson.

Find out how you can help this "Stellar Award" winning artist get the nod again. Plus, Brian Courtney Wilson tells Varion Walton in what he calls a leap of faith he is "simply redeemed" when it comes to "humbling" himself and accepting all that God is doing in his life.  Tell a friend; "VISION/VOICE/VARION" is your all "access backstage pass" to some of the biggest names in entertainment.
"Just Love" Brian Courtney Wilson

Thursday, October 6, 2011


(Mobile, AL.) October 6th--BayFest 2011.  It's the "hottest ticket in town" and 3 lucky "VISION/VOICE/VARION" viewers are joining in on all the fun!  Varion Walton announces the winners of her special "BayFest 2011" weekend ticket give away.  "It pays to WATCH AND WIN!" Tell a friend to FOLLOW

                           Previously Recorded Sat. Oct. 1, 2011-Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Mobile


I remember meeting and interviewing Mr. Fred Shuttlesworth in Birmingham, Alabama in 1998. My photographer Stephanie Brooks and I were in total awe. He left the City of Mobile as a mechanic and truck driver many years ago for the City of Birmingham.  He would later become an iconic figure during the Civil Rights movement, but wasn't truly appreciated until the latter years. The "lessons learned" and the sacrifices he made during that time made it possible for me and so many others. We're standing on some "giant shoulders" and we have Fred Shuttlesworth to thank for "paving the way".

Civil Rights Pioneer Fred Shuttlesworth   Photo taken By Stephanie Youngblood

Stephanie Youngblood He hugged me. Kissed me on both cheeks and said , "Now THAT'S equality!"

Monday, October 3, 2011


(Downtown Mobile) October 1--It pays to watch "VISION/VOICE/VARION". During a live drawing at The Hampton Inn & Suites Varion Walton announced the winners in this weekend's big drawing.
Cicone Prince, Tiffany McCall and Greg Walter are the winners of (2) free weekend passes BayFest 2011.  Check out their pictures and reaction to winning the "hottest ticket" in town!  (Greg Walter, not pictured!)

Cicone Prince--Mobile, AL.

I am so grateful to have won tickets from Vision, Voice, Varion! My wife and I will make the most of them at Bay Fest 2011 and we Thank Varion Walton for giving us this opportunity!
There will always be people in your life that make an indelible impact, whether a parent, teacher or mentor these individuals ignite passion, creativity and servant hood. Varion Walton is one of those people. Varion provides insight, inspiration and integrity that embodies professionalism in journalism that is impactful and relevant. Her approach to coverage, interviewing and communicating leaves you wanting more. I am grateful to know her and I look for nothing less than stellar reporting from her in the future. I will be tuning into Vision, Voice, Varion for the latest in News, Entertainment and Inspiration.
Cicone Prince


Saturday, October 1, 2011

                                  K-Rob-The Next Generational Isley
Emerging R&B Recording Artist K-Rob Stays Focused on Success 
Music lovers around the world are raving about the emerging R&B/Soul artist K-Rob on Pandora.Com,, INDIE 104 and IRADIOLA. The “raves” continue with current airplay on major FM radio stations such as 92.1, WQQK, Nashville, Tenn., Power 94.3, WJTT, Chattanooga, Tenn; and The Michael Baisden Show. As the nephew of Rudolph Isley of the great Isley Brothers, K-Rob continues to garner new fans and support for his energetic, edgy and soulful album, which features songs such as “2Nite,” “Again, Like the First Time,” “Golden Lady” and the retro club-banger, “Lovers.” He’s also known for putting on a great show for his audience. 
K-Rob, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and now a resident of Nashville, Tenn., remains passionate and focused on his work, which is inspired by the Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Marvin Gaye. His vocal style has been compared to Howard Hewitt, Joe and Maxwell. K-Rob is grateful for his musical gift and the uncles who have inspired him to do everything with much determination, hard work and style. “I love music, and the legacy that my uncles have given me,” K-Rob said. My goal is to continue writing and performing expressive lyrics that will be filled with love, romance and fun. It’s important that I provide my fans and listeners with the best music that I have within.” katina-and-krob
walton-krobK-Rob is extremely family-oriented and enjoys making those he loves happy. He has performed for numerous non-profit agencies in support of women, children and families in need. His mission in life is to share his musical talent and make a difference in the lives of others. 
He recently made a stop along the Gulf Coast and allowed his new fans an opportunity to sample his music in an exclusive listening party. Varion Walton was just one of several members in the entertainment news industry who left the gathering pleasantly satisfied. Everyone agrees his vocals on his new CD are smooth, but nothing quite compares to the added attraction of listening to this “rising star” sing a capella. K-Rob, the “next generational Isley” ready and prepared to leave his own mark in the musical world of R&B.

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