Monday, October 3, 2011


(Downtown Mobile) October 1--It pays to watch "VISION/VOICE/VARION". During a live drawing at The Hampton Inn & Suites Varion Walton announced the winners in this weekend's big drawing.
Cicone Prince, Tiffany McCall and Greg Walter are the winners of (2) free weekend passes BayFest 2011.  Check out their pictures and reaction to winning the "hottest ticket" in town!  (Greg Walter, not pictured!)

Cicone Prince--Mobile, AL.

I am so grateful to have won tickets from Vision, Voice, Varion! My wife and I will make the most of them at Bay Fest 2011 and we Thank Varion Walton for giving us this opportunity!
There will always be people in your life that make an indelible impact, whether a parent, teacher or mentor these individuals ignite passion, creativity and servant hood. Varion Walton is one of those people. Varion provides insight, inspiration and integrity that embodies professionalism in journalism that is impactful and relevant. Her approach to coverage, interviewing and communicating leaves you wanting more. I am grateful to know her and I look for nothing less than stellar reporting from her in the future. I will be tuning into Vision, Voice, Varion for the latest in News, Entertainment and Inspiration.
Cicone Prince


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