Monday, September 19, 2011

WHAT'S HOT! Everyone's Talking About Kelvin Wooten-"The Man Behind The Music!"

(Birmingham, AL)  September 18--He's the man behind a lot of the songs you hear on the radio these days. Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton, Mary J. Blige, Chrisette Michele,  Chante Moore, Raphael Saadiq, Eric Benet and the Bee Gee just to name a few. Right now everyone is talking about Varion's big scoop with this incredible producer who calls Huntsville, AL. home.  Go to to see more of THE EXCLUSIVE on this "RISING STAR". "VISION/VOICE/VARION".  But first, check out what folks from as far as the U.K. are saying about Varion's online magazine.   "VISION, VOICE, VARION" --"information for your heart and soul!!!
KELVIN WOOTEN: Musician, Songwriter, Producer
                                           VIEWER'S EMAIL'S AND COMMENTS

Email : -- October 2, 2011
Comments : Varion, thank you for keeping in touch. I re
member our coincidental meeting. Well, ordained and appointed time of meeting you as we were traveling from Memphis to Mobile. I am impressed with your website/blog. Keep up the great work Varion. Your viewers appreciate you for the way, style, correctness, formal and informal, integrity, felicitous manner in which you keep us informed.


Good morning Varion, thank you so much for responding back, much appreciated, also for accepting my friend request, i have also bookmarked your Web Magazine so now i can keep up to date even though I'm in the UK. you sent an attachment but due to the privacy settings did not get to see but i Googled "VISION/VOICE/VARION" & found other information.
just a bit about me: I love music & anything to do with it, from Artists, Musicians, Producers, Production, just about everything you could think of that involves music, i learn more and more every day, just like your great interview "The Kevin Wooten Story" which brings me closer to the source of what goes on behind the scenes.
Once again thanks for taking the time to reply and to welcome me to your FB page, i will check on you web magazine to see whats new.
Divine Love and Guidance. Paul.


Email : 
Comments : (Not an inquiry, but a comment for Ms. Walton) Hi V...just checking in and letting you know that your website is fantastic!!! I visit it quite often and become increasingly impressed with each visit. It's a pleasure and a privilege to know the "Talented Woman" behind the Vision and Voice this website brings to near and far communities. God Blessings as you continue in your Purpose...LaCynthia 

Email :
Comments : Varion, It was quite a pleasure to listen to the interview with Kelvin Wooten and the up close with Ruben. Two gentlemen I go way back with... all the way back to The Morrison Building... That is where some awesome talent has been displayed on the campus of Alabama A&M. I am not partial to AAMU because i know Greats have come from MANY areas in Alabama... do you line up your interviews or do you have a team that works with you? With Magic City Classic looming, a ASU vs AAMU battle of the talents would be a great event to begin that brings together all of these talents and make magic happen! Doug Williams, Ricky Smiley, Tavarius Jackson from ASU. Mr Wooten, and Mr. Studard as mentioned, Robert Mathis, One of Atlanta's premier Business experts LaVon Lewis, and even future successes.


Email :
Comments : Love you site. Are you still on the air in the Mobile area?
Please respond.

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