Monday, September 5, 2011


(Philadelphia, PA.)  -NABJ CONVENTION--Talk about 21st Century Reporting! 
Look who's getting"smart" about their "smart phones!" Ready or not, more backpack journalists are getting the job done  without all of that antiquated, big, bulky gear. 

Check it out, that's a tiny lavaliere microphone with an actual windscreen.  Also, the tripod fits the I-PHONE  "like a glove" with the help of a special brace you can find at any local camera shop.  The microphone will only set you back about $20-dollars.
In 2011 news is immediate and breaking news is essential!  This workshop is designed to give journalists an overview of the technology and applications that allow journalists to share video content with their mobile devices.  We're talking live streaming, breaking news situations for independent journalists who are busy dominating social media sights and their blogs.

Journalist Keisa Sharpe learns to Edit on I-Pod

This new style of "smart reporting" with multimedia will help us to go to "video and beyond!"  Big thank you goes out to Serbino Sandifer Walker, Professor, Texas Southern University and Multimedia Director, KTSU.  Also Malik Singleton, Independent Journalist and Amani Channel, Senior Producer, KEF Media Associates.

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