Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Better Pig Out Now!!

(New York, New York)-Talk about a rude awakening. This is the kind of story no one wants to wake up to in the South. A British pork farming group says a worldwide shortage of bacon, coupled with a marked increase in prices next year is unavoidable. 
If you can't "wrap your head" around that, the UK's National Pig Association says pig herds in the European Union are declining rapidly, and that the trend is the same around the world.
Morning Staple In Jeopardy of Disappearing Right Off Your Dinner Plate. AP Photo
The Financial Times, quoted in a Huffington Post article, says this past season's North American and Russian droughts have created spikes in grain prices, which are used to feed animals. Some American farmers have started to get creative in how they feed their farm animals, including one farmer who says he fed his cows candy so they could survive in the drought.
The Pig Association says in a release that the US government has started a pork-buying program in order to keep pig farmers in business, while Chinese officials are putting pork into cold storage in order to help stave off shortages during 2013.
The release insists prices could go up around the world by more than 30 percent. It's a "porker" of of story a lot of bacon lovers around the world doesn't get any traction.  

Meantime, better start stocking up now.  Glad I remember my mother always told me bacon freezes. Note to self: start stockpiling now.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Michael Lynche Loving Life After American Idol

(New York, New York)--He's the the contestant who was famously "saved" by the judges of American Idol, giving him a second chance to continue through the prized competition that has made the careers of Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and Ruben Studdard.

(Big) Mike Lynche  who emerged as a contestant on American Idol and quickly won America over with his smooth husky vocals and teddy bear charm. The Florida native's life has always been defined by two things: love and second chances, both of which were intimately documented through his riveting appearance on that show. 

After wowing millions of fans on American Idol and performing throughout the United States as part of the American Idol LIVE! tour, Michael has created his sonically rich and lyrically inviting debut album. The self-titled album was released on Big3 Records/Sony RED on 8/14/12. The first single is "Who's Gonna Love You More" made its debut on Billboard's Adult R&B Chart and continues to climb. Meanwhile, you can watch the video.


Charles LaSalle-Fitness Trainer with a Heart For Health

Charles LaSalle- 'Bangin Body Boy'

(New York, New York)--Charles LaSalle, personal trainer, motivational speaker and founder of the City Gym Boys. For the past 15 years Charles, along with his small army of fitness enthusiasts have made mentoring the children of Harlem a priority when it comes to fighting the obesity epidemic in the urban community. They have teamed up with organizations like the Boys & Girls Club on a yearly basis as well as the NYPD Youth Academy, Michelle Obama's Get Fit initiative and McDonald's as they worked on revamping their image in the urban communities as it relates to eating and exercise.

LaSalle just released a fitness book called ultimate workout guide Get A Bangin’ Body which is currently in stores. Geared towards men and women, Get a Bangin’ Body gives practical advice on everything from eating tips to sharing a body-weight-only program that anyone-whatever their age, income, or fitness level-can undertake. As an award winning bodybuilder, LaSalle and his rĂ©gime of buffed bodied soldiers, are all featured in the book giving their own personal stories discussing issues like weight, diabetes, self-esteem, depression and more.

"It's not what you eat, its what you do" is this 'bangin body boy's' mantra to getting healthy.  He practices that same philosophy as a personal trainer in helping his clients achieve their goal. 

Once considered a scrawny kid growing up, Charles LaSalle ultimately beefed up his physique to ward off the neighborhood bullies. Today he's using his "brain and his brawn" to reaching America's youth, mentoring them on self esteem and the life long benefits of fitness and exercise.

Here And Now on Sept. 16, 2012 | Video | 7onlin


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Countdown Is On To Bayfest 2012


VISION/VOICE/VARION followers lock it in and rip off the knock! We're gearing up to giving you a front row seat to one of the hottest music festivals in the Southeast! Bayfest is a larger-than life weekend featuring live music from some of the top names in the music business and "V/V/V/" will be in Downtown live throughout the weekend of October 5th-7th.

For two years we've brought you exclusive interviews, highlights and all of the excitement as it's happens. Tell your family and friends there's only one media outlet truly committed to making certain you don't miss any of the action.  Keep it here for great giveaways including weekend passes!

Monday, September 17, 2012

VARION'S VIEW: Bishop could get royalties

Amy Bishop      AP PHOTO
(Huntsville, AL.) ---The Amy Bishop story is one of many that often leave me shaking my head.  Bishop, suspected of murdering her own brother as a young girl went on to murder three of her co-workers, seriously injuring three others on a college campus in Huntsville, Alabama. This story was about more than workplace violence. This story literally polarized and paralyzed an entire region.  The Tennessee Valley is just now starting to heal from the glare of the national cameras only to discover this woman who has "slipped through the cracks" on more than one occasion could once again "reap a harvest" that is truly undeserving.

Click onto the link below to see the Associate Press story as it appeared in The TimesDaily, a daily newspaper out of North Alabama.  When I read this story this morning I instantly thought of the many years covered stories of teachers busted for inappropriate relationships with their students. In more than a few cases teachers arrested and convicted for "sex in the classroom" were allowed to stay on the state payroll because they were tenured.

Amy Bishop being arrested on the campus of The University of Alabama-Huntsville
Though many should be examined on a case by case basis, the very thought of Amy Bishop profiting on anything behind prison walls should raise eyebrows of state lawmakers.  There is something wrong about this and it's truly "sticking in my craw." If Amy Bishop is within her rights to earn a "pay day" for this invention before she convicted of murder, minimum she should be forced to give the families of her victims a portion of the proceeds.  I'm Varion Walton and "that's my view".

Bishop could get royalties - TimesDaily.com

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years And It Doesn't Get Any Easier!

(September 11, 2012)--We remember one of the worst terrorists attacks to ever hit American soil. Remember and reflecting on the thousands of lives lost!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gina Brown Unplugged!

(Fairhope, AL.) No "auto tunes" here!  My best friend Gina Brown just recently confirmed something I've always known, "the girl can sang!" Gina surprised me when she ended up in an impromptu concert with singer/songwriter Mike Eagan.

Eagan was performing a few cover songs at Aurora's in Downtown Fairhope. He was gracious enough to welcome the New Orleans native to the stage Labor Day weekend. What struck me immediately when we walked into the dimly light room was small spotlight that lit Mike's hair and the boxed fan that blew his long "blond" locks in the wind for affect. Check out the video and you'll see what I mean.
                          Gina Brown Performing at Aurora's-Downtown Fairhope
There they were, Mike, his single stool, his guitar, mechanical fan and Gina.  Though the room, the stage area just off the banister where Mike stood was completely dark, it shed a light on something I wasn't prepared for. Sometimes you have to "take advantage of unexpected opportunities." But even with that, you better know your craft and always, always be prepared.
This impromptu concert was not only an opportunity for Gina Brown to show her growth and maturity as an artist, it solidified something I've always known..."if you can sing, you can sing anytime, anywhere and in any genre." Gina Brown who has performed with an eight piece band and even an orchestra standing there in the dark--on the side of a single instrument flexing her vocals in a way they had never been used before.  She was singing one pop tune after another and "nailing it!"
Gina's history for the most part consists of jazz, blues and the occasional cover tune, but this particular night she just nailed anything she sung and completely unrehearsed! She really grabbed me when she performed one of my favorites--Etta Jame's "At Last!"  I've heard Gina sing "At Last" a dozen times before, but not like this. There was something about that single guitar, no drums, no base line that gave me a chance to finally hear the raw, "unplugged" version of this dynamic singer's talent.    

I'll be the first to admit I'm biased because I know how hard Gina has worked to get to where she is in her career.  Gina Brown has played everything from nightclubs to Jazz Fest in New Orleans. She has played everything from the "chitterlings circuit," to Las Vegas. I personally know about her dedication to her craft and her season after 20 years she is finally reaping a harvest. Gina Antoinette Brown is finally getting her due. She has a repertoire of songs, thanks in part to her producer and husband Rick Jones that are her own. "Can't Stop Thinking of You," "The G-Slide", "I'm a Lady" and many more soon to be released on her new CD.        

I couldn’t' be more proud of my friend because she's earned everything that's coming her way. That night with Mike Eagan only reminded me of what it means to be a "professional singer." In an age "auto tunes" Gina Brown isn't some "souped up" performer, she's the real thing.  Put her in any setting and  with any musician--she knows what she knows.  She truly lives up to her tag line, "music isn't what I do, it's who I am!    

Gina Brown’s popular line dance "The G-Slide" is a single on her new CD -"The G Spot" set to be released September 30th. Check out her website www.ginabrownonline.com for more information.