Monday, September 17, 2012

VARION'S VIEW: Bishop could get royalties

Amy Bishop      AP PHOTO
(Huntsville, AL.) ---The Amy Bishop story is one of many that often leave me shaking my head.  Bishop, suspected of murdering her own brother as a young girl went on to murder three of her co-workers, seriously injuring three others on a college campus in Huntsville, Alabama. This story was about more than workplace violence. This story literally polarized and paralyzed an entire region.  The Tennessee Valley is just now starting to heal from the glare of the national cameras only to discover this woman who has "slipped through the cracks" on more than one occasion could once again "reap a harvest" that is truly undeserving.

Click onto the link below to see the Associate Press story as it appeared in The TimesDaily, a daily newspaper out of North Alabama.  When I read this story this morning I instantly thought of the many years covered stories of teachers busted for inappropriate relationships with their students. In more than a few cases teachers arrested and convicted for "sex in the classroom" were allowed to stay on the state payroll because they were tenured.

Amy Bishop being arrested on the campus of The University of Alabama-Huntsville
Though many should be examined on a case by case basis, the very thought of Amy Bishop profiting on anything behind prison walls should raise eyebrows of state lawmakers.  There is something wrong about this and it's truly "sticking in my craw." If Amy Bishop is within her rights to earn a "pay day" for this invention before she convicted of murder, minimum she should be forced to give the families of her victims a portion of the proceeds.  I'm Varion Walton and "that's my view".

Bishop could get royalties -

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