Monday, September 24, 2012

Charles LaSalle-Fitness Trainer with a Heart For Health

Charles LaSalle- 'Bangin Body Boy'

(New York, New York)--Charles LaSalle, personal trainer, motivational speaker and founder of the City Gym Boys. For the past 15 years Charles, along with his small army of fitness enthusiasts have made mentoring the children of Harlem a priority when it comes to fighting the obesity epidemic in the urban community. They have teamed up with organizations like the Boys & Girls Club on a yearly basis as well as the NYPD Youth Academy, Michelle Obama's Get Fit initiative and McDonald's as they worked on revamping their image in the urban communities as it relates to eating and exercise.

LaSalle just released a fitness book called ultimate workout guide Get A Bangin’ Body which is currently in stores. Geared towards men and women, Get a Bangin’ Body gives practical advice on everything from eating tips to sharing a body-weight-only program that anyone-whatever their age, income, or fitness level-can undertake. As an award winning bodybuilder, LaSalle and his régime of buffed bodied soldiers, are all featured in the book giving their own personal stories discussing issues like weight, diabetes, self-esteem, depression and more.

"It's not what you eat, its what you do" is this 'bangin body boy's' mantra to getting healthy.  He practices that same philosophy as a personal trainer in helping his clients achieve their goal. 

Once considered a scrawny kid growing up, Charles LaSalle ultimately beefed up his physique to ward off the neighborhood bullies. Today he's using his "brain and his brawn" to reaching America's youth, mentoring them on self esteem and the life long benefits of fitness and exercise.

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