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Introducing The New Cast of BET's "THE GAME"


(Atlanta, GA.)--"The players change, but the game stays the same!" That's the phrase being used to reel in loyal fans this week for the kick-off of season six of BET'S "The Game!" Okay, admit it, I was among the thousands of female fans who spent the better part of the weekend perched on the couch getting in my "Pooch Hall fix." If you haven't heard, there are big changes on the way in "The Game's" playbook this season.

Pooch Hall and Varion Walton-March 2012
Pooch Hall returns this week, but a lot of fans are trying to find out for how long? Apparently the loss of Hall and his television "soul-mate" Tia Mowry-Hardrict who played the role of Melanie,  is forcing the writers to "reboot" the embattled series again.

They've undergone changes before, BET picked up the series that has remained number one in black households after it was cancelled by The CW Network more than two years ago.                            

Mara Brock Avil, the show's original writer and creator is "banking" on loyal fans weathering this latest "sitcom storm" again. In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times she said, it has been a huge challenge, but reflects the true world of sports. "What has happened speaks authentically to the world of sports," Akil said. We fall in love with players, and it hurts when they leave. It is like Peyton Manning leaving The Colts to wear a Broncos uniform.  It hurts, but it is what real life is like. First, you get nervous, then it becomes exciting and new. There's new life to the show.

Brock-Avil said losing Hall and Mowry-Hardrict has been hard since they have long since been considered the "heart of the show," but she is confident remaining veteran cast members like Wendy Raquel-Robinson, along with the addition of R&B singer Brandy and newcomers Jay Ellis and Lauren London--are strong enough as an ensemble to "score points"with their loyal fan base.

You can check out BET's hot new trailer for SEASON SIX, along with bio information on new cast members by CLICKING HERE:

FOR A SECOND LOOK at  VISION/VOICE/VARION's EXCLUSIVE  interview with Pooch Hall about season five,  check out this video that's generated nearly 4-thousand page views with our fans on our YouTube channel.

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