Friday, March 29, 2013


(Huntsville, AL.)--It's Holy Week, a season that is sacred for many Christians around the world.  Easter is a time of traditions, rituals and reflection.  This Holy Week is also a time of new birth and new beginnings!  Traditionally it is a time when many churches that have barely had enough people to pass the collection plate find their pews are swollen.  Easter and Christmas are two of the most attended services of the year for many churches everywhere.  But, as soon as the Easter bunny and "The Passion of The Christ" movie fade to black, the pews are empty again.

If ever there was a time Christians need to understand "faith" is about more than just mouthing words it is now.  Faith is about praising and serving God every single day he allows us to see the rising of the sun. I've learned to praise him in advance of the "breakthrough" because my faith today helps me to understand despite what it looks like, the blessing is on the way! My spiritual walk in 2013 is strong and God gives me strength in the walk everyday. Oh my how I've changed in the last two years.  Today, in this season I hear God clearly.  All my life I've heard the ministers preach, "God is not the author of confusion." Let's just say in the past my life was so chaotic I absolutely missed his whispers.

How many of us have been guilty of what I call being "Emergency Christians?" You know, "church folks" who only feel the power of their "faith or The Holy Spirit" when we are in trouble or in need?  We keep God under the bed like a chain smoker keeps a single cigarette hidden in their sock drawer, "just in case!"

This week, more than ever I am taking the time to really think about my purpose driven life and the rituals and traditions of the Easter season.

I've grown tired of going from one baptist church after another where the words, "he died, he died, he died and on the third day he rose again" are shouted from the pulpit.  Today, in this season of my life,  I am eager to know what happened between the birth and the resurrection?  These are questions I am taking the time to reflect, research and know for myself. I am also re-examining my passion and getting a full understanding of what I know for sure, "my blessing is tied directly to my service!"

How many of us are truly living our lives in 2013 as Jesus Christ did? Are you a blessing to someone else?  Are you "witnessing" to everyone you meet or are you too busy being self-centered and or self-absorbed?

I am not Catholic, however, I was moved this week when I saw newly elected Pope Francis washing and kissing the feet of prisoners in Italy. Never before, or at least not in my life time have I a witnessed the head of the Catholic church's humility in such a way.  Pope Francis took on this ritual as Christ did with the disciples before what Christians believed was "the last supper!"

According to Sara Titterton of "The Telegraph," a newspaper in the UK, retired pontiff Benedict XV1 revised the ritual in 2007 by selecting 12 lay men in Rome for the ceremony. However, the new Pope Francis shook up this Catholic tradition Thursday by choosing to honor not only prisoners, but women as well as men.  Reportedly women were not allowed for this sacred ceremony, let alone cameras and electronic media.

This newly selected head of the Catholic church is using this week to remind Christians around the world what's at stake with this ancient ritual. Though he is in what many might consider the most esteemed  "role of a lifetime," this man who sits at the helm is driven by simply being a servant.

What a way to take the world to church by continuing to be a blessing to the poor and remembering the down trotting in his prayers and "SERVING" them in the most humble way imaginable and with the WHOLE WORLD WATCHING!

Are you a blessing to the poor?  Are you remembering all of God's people in your daily prayers and with your service?  More importantly, are you being Christ like in your daily life or do you spoil and tarnish your faith by being judgemental, unforgiving and arrogant?  Now is the time to ask these tough questions only you can answer when it comes to truly being a believer.

As we stop to "reflect and remember" our holiday traditions and rituals, never lose sight of remaining humble, grateful and a blessing to someone else.  Have a blessed and Holy Easter season family and remember-"only what you do for God will truly last."

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