Monday, March 25, 2013


(Huntsville, AL.)--This just in to our VISION/VOICE/VARION studios: apparently Pooch Hall still has fond memories of our "meet and greet" more than a year ago in Pensacola, Florida.

For all of you "doubting Thomas'" out there who still think social media is a passing fancy, think again!  I posted my story, a preview to tomorrow night's premiere of BET's "The Game" roughly two hours ago.  My staff proceeded to include our second look at our exclusive interview with actor Pooch Hall on our Facebook and Twitter sites.  Shortly after our trusted crew made the boss happy with a Tweet,  we were "Retweeted" by the man himself.  Pooch Hall not only remembers the interview,  but "LOL" laughed at loud when I reminded him I drove through a storm, twice for the EXCLUSIVE at his hotel in Pensacola during his brief visit last year.

Much like his character, Derwin "Ding Dong" Davis on BET's hit reality show,  Marion "Pooch" Hall who actually played football in high school and briefly in college is kind, polite, and the perfect gentleman.  Ladies, I'll also let you in on a little known secret from that day.  I lost my photographer because he had to go back to Mobile, Alabama for breaking news and severe weather, but Pooch Hall didn't flinch and he didn't make me feel bad about being a "one man band" that day.

In fact, he shot the entire interview himself by propping my camera up between a towel and two chairs and used his skills in cinema and directing to help me pull the whole interview off without the viewers being the wiser.  He singled handedly saved this 'damsel in distress' that day and I will forever thank him for it.

This just echoes what "I know for sure,"  social media is a fan's way of really getting up close and personal with some of their favorite celebrities in 2013.  Sometimes, that includes veteran journalists who know their way around the "red carpet!"

Thank you Marion "Pooch" Hall for the Retweet today on Twitter.  In addition to reaching out to many of your loyal fans of BET's The Game,  you made this old girl happy too.  I can officially die happy!   21 century technology, "gotta love it!"

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