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Mutual Love Affair, Available on CD Baby & I-Tunes May 2013

His laid back vocals and smooth, jazzy baselines have turned heads before.  Now,  after more than a decade Terry Townsend is back and in a really big way.  His new album "Mutual Love Affair" is co-produced by "Django Unchained" music producer Kelvin Wooten.  The duo is teaming up again and getting a lot of attention for the title track.  The single "Mutual Love Affair" is a duet featuring Alexandria Thomas and it's already getting a lot of attention for it's rich, flawless, "out of the box" blend of contemporary gospel and jazz.  

Wooten, who co-produced Grammy Award winning artist Anthony Hamilton's single "Freedom" featured in the movie "Django Unchained" calls Mutual Love Affair, "some of my best work with Townsend thus far!" The whole project is so contemporary it could really go either way, gospel or R&B, said Wooten.  "Honestly,  almost all of the tracks could be played on any top 40 station," declared Wooten.

Townsend says his 'love affair' with gospel is and has always been a "labor of love." The North Alabama based singer and songwriter tells VISION/VOICE/VARION,  "I learned a lot from my first project and I really wanted to take the time out to really listen to God and ask for his direction on moving forward with my second album."   I asked God to surround me with the right people for my next project, people with like minds.  "I'm happy to say he answered my prayers," Townsend said.         

Check Out Varion's Initial "Meet & Greet" with Terry Townsend in Huntsville 
Ten years ago Townsend's debut CD "The Blessed Project" earned him critical acclaim in both inspirational and gospel genres.  "The Blessed Project" also earned him critical praise from music critics all over Europe, including the UK.  Cross Rhythms Magazine based in London wrote an article praising Townsend for his "unique, out of the box approach" to inspirational gospel.  Mike Rimmer, a featured entertainment reporter with Cross Rhythms wrote: The Blessed Project "contains the right blend of soulful singles, laced with enough musical spice that are sure to send shivers down your spine."  He called it "easy listening" and encouraged music lovers all over the UK to support the Alabama based artist.

A decade later,  Townsend is posed to bask in the afterglow again. Vision/Voice/Varion has learned before his May 2013 release, his title track "Mutual Love Affair" is already in heavy rotation with some jazz and gospel stations in the Huntsville area.  

Keep it here for details on the forthcoming CD "MUTUAL LOVE AFFAIR," exclusively on CD BABY and ITUNES.             
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