Monday, March 25, 2013



(HUNTSVILLE, AL.)---It is what everybody is talking about today, what else-the weather! It is freezing outside and we're told don't expect a warm-up anytime soon.  I've got to admit Palm Sunday left me depressed with lows in the 30's and 40's. Now we're waking up to headlines  of 12 states under a winter weather warning today, some expecting at least a foot of snow.   The unusual weather pattern is also creating a major headache for major airlines that are now canceling and delaying flights. Forecasters now tell us to brace for 6 more days of seriously cold weather. What the what?

Clearly winter is not letting go, at least not yet. The unusually Spring-like temperatures are literally "raining on every one's Easter Parade" not to mention making everyone miserable. 

My nieces and nephews, natives of the South have had their fill of snow in the Northeast. While plans for "Spring Break 2013" are being seriously altered for more than a few of my friends living in the Mid-West.

As we look to Easter weekend, let's just hope mother nature will have a little mercy and gives us some warmer temperatures.  Lows of 27 degrees in the 7-day forecast has me really re-thinking the whole concept of "Popsicle Peeps!"


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