Friday, November 23, 2012

In Medias Res: Calculated Risks

Photo: Courtesy Terasha Nicole
(Milan, Italy)--If you've heard me say it once, you've heard me say it a thousand times before- "it is about thirty when a woman truly gives birth to herself." A year ago that was the mantra of my life and truly helped me determine who could really be my friend.

That very phrase-for what it's worth, often spills over into my new calling as a "talent coach".  Everyday I advise and counsel rookie  television news reporters and anchors in finding their first gig or being promoted to what they think is truly  their 'calling in the business.'

Many of the female reporters I work with have heard that phrase all too often. As I use my new company to 'influence the next generation' of journalists, I have to admit I am often the one being 'schooled.' Everyday I learn something new and "eye opening" from tomorrow's "digital journalists." Unlike my generation, some of these kids are not afraid to spread their wings and embrace change. Ironically, I guess you could say on occasion--we find our true "place and purpose" together.

Terasha Nicole is one such writer. She is a technical writer for a company with a concentration on instructional manuals for the helicopter industry. All work and "limited play" have definitely not made for a "boring Terasha."  She kicked off 2012 with an "exciting" new job that took her across the pond; all the way to Milan, Italy. Initially I thought God brought Terasha and I together for something else.

For more than two months I tried to help her get her foot in the door of the television news industry.  After graduating from The University of Alabama in Huntsville,  Terasha expressed an interest in becoming a television news producer in Memphis, Tennessee newsroom.  Thank God for unanswered prayers!

Little did I know it was already ordained this young woman would go from being a local writer to a global writer.  Ironically God had to take her half-way around the world for her to truly hear his voice and accept his will when it comes to her being a 'creative writer.'

To say she was terrified at first would be an understatement. Who isn't afraid of leaving everything you know and traveling to a foreign land?  Despite many challenges, including the language, Terasha sucked it up and put her "big girl panties" on and handled it!

Terasha Nicole took the "calculated risk".  She jumped in head first, into a "new norm" that included a new country she  later dubbed, "the land of babble!" Taking incredible mental notes, she puts pen to paper and writes about her new discoveries all over Italy. Terasha shares her struggle of never fully understanding all that was being said around her initially.

Despite the language barrier, somehow in her weekly blog entitled "In Medias Res," this Alabama native learned to "let go of who she thought she wanted to be for who God truly created her to be." Six months after moving to Italy, Terasha is heading back to the United States transformed.  I have a sneaking suspension she is now extremely clear on God's purpose and his will for her life.

It has been my pleasure watching her develop and truly "giving birth to herself" all BEFORE thirty! She has not only mastered her craft in becoming a great technical writer for her company, but she is now an incredible storyteller who paints a colorful description of life's journey.  I encourage you to follow her blog and immerse yourself in all of her delicious "Ah Ha" moments that come with it.

She has become such a creative writer it be long before she starts drawing comparisons to other literary giants like Toni Morrison and Maya Angelo at this stage in their careers.  Dare I say before "they were thirty years old and giving birth to themselves?"

Photo Courtesy: Terasha Nicole
The countdown is on--Terasha Nicole has less than a week left in Italy.  Join me in recapping her "highs and lows" in Europe and abroad as she takes this incredible journey of discovering her "place and purpose."

Terasha Nicole is an Athens, Alabama native who took advantage of an unexpected opportunity and found herself "In Medias Res"--right in the middle of life. Her journey forced her to discover one epiphany after another.

She said it best only days after arriving in Italy, 'sometimes God takes us to the extreme to truly get our attention.'Sometimes

Thank you Terasha, thank you for "life's lessons" shared in your blog.  It is safe to say, "I get it now."  Sometimes you have be forced out  of your comfort zone to fully understand "who and whose" you are.

What I know for sure; before there can be elevation, first you must experience separation, isolation and yes, even desperation. After all, an older, wiser woman once reminded me--"God even told Abraham to home!"

Click on the link below to be connected to Terasha Nicole's blog. I guarantee you will also considered  required reading!  Godspeed ladybug!

In Medias Res:  Calculated Risks: People cannot handle the truth no matter when, where and how you give it to them. Am I supposed to change my answer if it’s the truth... no...


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