Friday, November 2, 2012


(Huntsville, AL.)  Days before voters head to the polls, pundits say it is an election that is simply "too close to call!" The latest polls show President Barak Obama and Challenger Mitt Romney are "neck and neck!"Days before the November 6th election, the focus is less on 'undecided voters' and more on simply getting 'registered voters' to the polls.

It is clearly one of the most influential elections of this century as thousands of folks along the East Coast are still suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. New Yorkers and others along the Beltway are literally focused on coming out of the dark and picking up the pieces of their lives.

Others in the Southeast, midwest and west coast are looking to the national jobs report-the last one out before Tuesday's election. President Barak Obama got a bit of good news when joblessness measured at 7.8 percent in September, falling below 8 percent for the first time since he took office, but it has not been enough to give him a lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, and the race remains a virtual dead heat.

Amazingly, the number of people participating in "early voting" has hit record numbers. The message of "not waiting" is resonating around the Southeast.  Georgia, Tennessee and Florida are just a few Southern states reporting a record number of people in urban areas getting to the polls early like never before. The deadline for early voting in Georgia is today at 4:30pm.

Alabama election officials are also reporting a record number of absentee ballots at country courthouses all over the state. The grassroots effort of "not waiting" is working, but in just four days it is up to so many more to decide.

Election Day is Tuesday; that is why it is so crucial to stay engaged, form your own opinion, offer the elderly a ride to the polls, organize a caravan through your church, do something!  Exercise your right to have your voice heard. There's too much riding on Decision 2012.  Despite the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the grim jobs report, future generations are depending on us to show up and truly set the tone of "recovery" in this country in more ways than one.

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