Monday, August 1, 2011


(Jacksonville, FL.) August 1, 2010--Guess what, I was right!! Just last month during The Essence Music Festival the Super Dome was "buzzing" with a burning question. Is she or isn't she; well she is!!!  According to "BlackAmericaWeb.Com", The American Idol winner squashed all the speculation about her "bun in the oven" during a charity event in Jacksonville, FL.   

Photo by: "E" of El-pwe's Photography
She also confessed that she worried about what people would think of her, but acknowledged that her child was a gift from God and she didn't have to answer "to any of ya'll."  Just a month earlier when she took this photo with me in New Orleans, she, no her celebrity stylist would confirm nor deny.  The blue dress Fantasia wore on stage Friday night during The Essence Festival did a great job concealing, but it was pretty obvious she was definitely expecting.  So now you know!!

In addition to The Essence Music Festival, Fantasia is reportedly wrapping up her new movie where she portrays the life of gospel music legend Mahalia Jackson.   

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