Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kevin Hart, Tank, and Tyrese Love Charlie Wilson's Performance at the 20...

                ESSENCE FEST "REWIND!" 

*Video courtesy of P. Music Group

Check out this video shot by "E" of Elpwe's Photography. There's so much talent in this one frame of video.  I truly feel privileged to have witnessed this impromptu comedy show first hand.  

It’s hard to believe Charlie Wilson and Kevin Hart had never seen each other’s work before Essence Music Festival 2012.  In the video Kevin who is hanging out with R&B crooners Tyrese and Tank immediately started to “roll” out the jokes the moment he saw Charlie Wilson stepped out of a security vehicle backstage. Elpwe Ray did an incredible job capturing the essence of Uncle Charlie influencing the “next generation of entertainers” in this 2 minute clip.

Comedian Kevin Hart and Varion Walton
Kevin Hart is one of the funniest guys on the circuit  today and it was really cool meeting him. I got a chance to ask him one or two questions backstage.  I loved his natural, honest response when I asked if he is often amazed about his new found success?  "Hell yes!" 'If anyone had told me it would be this big  I wouldn't have believed it,'  Hart said.

This tenacious comedian who is often the butt of "pocket sized" jokes is casting a really "big" shadow in Hollywood these days. Tinseltown is still buzzing about his standout performance in Steve Harvey's movie "Act like a Lady, Think Like A Man.                     

This summer he served up a few more laughs and raised a few eyebrows during his performance at the Essence Music Festival.  It would appear organizers who have long billed Essence as a weekend for “family reunions” weren't quite ready for the "R" rated version of Kevin Hart’s stand up routine.  Let’s face it, the guy cusses like a sailor.  It’s definitely not a show for children.
Kevin is no dummy, he knows when “take the polish off the shine”.  I remember Kevin Hart's humble beginnings on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  He spent several years posting his standup routines on the internet.

Look at him now. Today Kevin Hart is considered one of Hollywood’s leading men, picking up a BET Award for “Best Actor.”  He is also hilarious as the new “pitchman” in those unforgettable Ford Explorer commercials.

Here's to this pint size comedian who is an awesome example of never giving up on your dream and always believing in yourself, despite your shortcoming.

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