Friday, July 20, 2012


(Pensacola, FL.)--"She's a fashionista with a view!" I'm not just talking about the spectacular sight of The Gulf of Mexico from her front door.  Rochell E. James truly has an "eye for fashion." Honestly, I think I'm safe in saying "she breathes it!"
Rochell E. James Fashion Expert and Consultant

She's more than an authority on the subject, Rochell E. James moved back to her hometown of Pensacola, Florida from London about a year ago.

Her time in the fashion houses in Europe only manifested her desire to dress the world in the latest "trends and couture!"  It only seems natural that she'd want to share that information with family and friends!

I've always been struck by her tenacity. In addition to spearheading a fashion magazine Rochell is a mother of two and speaks three different languages. This week I was also in awe of her statute, her presence in the room. Rochell has a "regal presence" that's simply hard to ignore.   

I'm glad I took the time to finally "press the flesh" in person with this young career woman who is living her dreams. It isn't everyday I meet someone with a vast knowledge of fashion houses in Europe.  

       Fashion Rack Filled With "Wardrobe Essentials"
Like me, she's a product of the Gulf Coast who longed for something more. Something that would ultimately lead her to chase her passion and "zeal for life" on the "other side of the pond."

Varion Walton and Rochell E. James

"House of James"--A Fashion House With A View

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