Thursday, November 10, 2011

"ALL IN A DAY'S WORK"--Interviewing Former U.S. Secretary Rice

(Fairhope, Alabama)--There's "no higher honor" than meeting one of your childhood role models. Dr. Condoleezza Rice is and always has been considered a strong example for me and my siblings. I personally have always considered her to be the "one to watch"while growing up in the state of Alabama. Dr. Rice is a "classic" example of the "sky is the limit".  Politics aside, she has held two of the highest positions in U.S. government and did so by maintaining her integrity and honor.  It was absolutely my honor finally meeting her in Fairhope, Alabama.

Condoleezza Rice is as genuinely strong as you might imagine, both on and "off camera".  I also had a great time "hamming" it up briefly with some of my colleagues in Mobile. Thank you to Photographer Timothy L. Jones and Cederick McMillan for your continued support in helping "VISION, VOICE, VARION."  Still Photos: Courtesy of Tim Jones of Timothy L. Jones Photography.
Dr. Rice arriving for book signing at Page & Palette-Fairhope,AL.
Varion Walton asking questions about her new memoir-"No Higher Honor"
Varion Walton and Former U.S. Secretary Condoleezza Rice
Varion Walton and Studio 10 Co-Host Joe Emer
Cederick McMillan and Varion Walton
Pastor Cederick McMillan and Former U.S. Secretary Rice

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