Wednesday, March 30, 2016



All I can say is, "look at her now!" Little girls do grow up! If you lived in Mobile, Alabama during the 1980's; perhaps you remember the pageant that put The Port City on the map for years, "America's Jr. Miss." 

Today, operating as the "Distinguished Young Women" Scholastic Competition, high school seniors from across the nation come to Mobile for the coveted title. In 1987, Wisconsin's Chuti Tiu was no exception, in fact, she was extraordinary!   

Chuti was the first young woman of color to win the title in organization's history. I remember her because as a woman of Asian decent she represented change, hope, and possibilities!

More than 20 years later, what would be the chances of me running into this beautiful spirit in STARBUCKS in Chattanooga, TN?  Nearly impossible. 

Back in the late 1980's, while a college freshman working as a member of the production staff at WALA-TV, I was running one of the production cameras at The Mobile Civic Center; and I remember her win created quite a buzz in the building and in the city. It was historic. 

In a busy Chattanooga STARBUCKS, 25 years later, here we were talking for almost an hour as she studied a script for an upcoming segment on the popular show "NASHVILLE!"  

Even today, this beauty/scholastic pageant winner is still showing why she's more than just another pretty face.  Look for Actress Chuti Tiu TONIGHT on the set of the popular ABC drama series "Nashville." Her character is expected to have a reoccurring role until April 4th.

As she was in 1987, she will be a "big hit" in 2016. 


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