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Woodaworx/The Pink Doughnut Shop Recording Artist Deqn Sue

                                         Deqn Sue's Official Video --"Dream Killer"

(Huntsville, AL.)--Alabama Music Maker Kelvin Wooten unleashes "Zeitgeist," the first Pop/Funk album recorded under his own label.  This weekend the Grammy nominated producer will showcase his latest protege' Deqn Sue under The Woodaworx/The Pink Doughnut Shop labels.

Wooten and his entire band will join Deqn for the official  CD RELEASE and LISTENING PARTY for "Zeitgeist."  Deqn Sue is expected to perform several singles from her new album LIVE tomorrow, September 22nd at The Demi Howell Salon in Huntsville, AL.

Based out of Los Angeles,  Deqn is described as eclectic, unique, soulful with an "alternative twist." She met Wooten and began recording while attending Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. Some of her early musical influences include Prince, Sly and The Family Stone. Her unique style has earned comparisons to Macy Gray,  Dionne Farris and Fefe Dobson.

Though she's the first Pop artist signed under Wooten's Woodawox label,  Deqn is no stranger to the business.  In fact, you could say it is in her DNA.  She is apart of a legendary family with strong ties to Hollywood.  Her mother performed in several Janet Jackson videos as a principal dancer in the late 80s.  Her father played the role of Sqt. Deacon "Deke" Kay in the famed 1970's television series "SWAT," thus her name "Deqn Sue!"

If Wooten's name sounds familiar, it should.  Kelvin Wooten is the same North Alabama musician credited with producing Grammy nominated hits for  R&B Sensation Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott Raphel Saadiq, just to name a few. Wooten is set to strengthen up his influence on the national music scene with the release of this latest project.

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