Tuesday, August 6, 2013


George Duke, Legendary Jazz Keyboardist, Dies at 67

George Duke, the legendary jazz artist whose music played more like the soundtrack to our lives died on Monday, according to his publicist. His career spanned five decades and his music credits and collaborations includes other iconic artists such as Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, George Clinton, Anita Baker and one of my favorites Rachelle Ferrell.

I believe it was my best friend Gina Brown who introduced me to George Duke during our freshmen year at the University of South Alabama. Though Gina was more familiar with jazz than me the age of 17, it didn't take long for me to share in her passion for the sweet, sultry sounds of this iconic keyboard player that would only described as "musical sunshine."  For years it served as my first and best example of jazz and fusion in its purest form.

Today, I join the world in saying though his voice has been silenced; his music, memory and contribution in revolutionizing jazz in its purest form will live on forever.

Check out one of George Duke's last interviews recorded last month (July 13th), he talked about his new album entitled "Dreamweaver" which is a tribute to his dearly departed wife Corine, who died one year ago from cancer.

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