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(MOBILE, AL.)---"Varion, you seem to be everywhere!"  If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that phrase I'd be rich.  Over the last two years, many of you have watched me do everything, from interview some of the biggest names in the news and entertainment business, to covering some of the most anticipated events of the year like The Stellar Awards, BayFest and The Essence Music Festival.

All of those exclusive interviews and "backstage" coverage was streamed live via The VW Network.  The VW Network is the new "go to place" for all of your entertainment and celebrity news....24/7.  Check out our facebook page at

In addition to working in the entertainment industry,  I have been actively involved in mentoring and coaching the next generation of journalists.  After 20 years as a proven, award winning journalist,  I wanted to use my experience and expertise to groom others.

During those 20 years in the television industry,  I've been blessed with the ability to bring my multiple gifts as a reporter, anchor, host, producer and event planner under one umbrella....WALTON AND ASSOCIATES.

Walton and Associates is a 21st century company meeting the needs of new journalists, recording artists and business owners.  The services we provide are not "cookie cutter," but are tailored to the individual needs of every client, regardless of your budget.

Me and my partners have nearly 60 years of combined experience in legal, marketing, branding, hosting and producing experience.  All of which is the basis of our company's mission: "building relationships."

Please go to FACE BOOK and "LIKE" my NEW official WALTON AND ASSOCIATES page.  It is where you can read more on our clients, success stories and testimonials.

Walton and Associates is the parent company of: Vision/Voice/Varion, The VW Network and Varion Walton.Com.  Visit:


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