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"HUNTSVILLE UNCHAINED"-Alabama's Contribution to the National Music Scene 

(Huntsville, AL.)--"Freedom," a soulful number performed by the incomparable Anthony Hamilton and newcomer Elayna Boynton is a featured single on the soundtrack of the blockbuster movie, "Django Unchained!"  Kelvin Wooten, Daniel Beard and Duane Allen,  three Alabama based musicians served as producers and engineers on the historical project.

Anthony Hamilton  Photo: "E" Elpwe's Photography
During the entire month of December, "VISION/VOICE/VARION" had the privilege of joining the publicity and marketing staff. Through the course of several meetings with Wooten and Beard and their team, "Huntsville Unchained" was born.  “Huntsville Unchained”  was created celebrate and honors Huntsville's influence on the national music scene. Weeks later “Freedom” is gaining critical acclaim for everyone involved.

"Freedom" is not only apart of the "Django" soundtrack, it is embedded in the film in a "flashback" scene when Kerry Washington's character "Broomhilda" is savagely beaten by the slave masters. "Django Unchained" is raw, edgy, exotic, beautifully crafted and the song "Freedom" enhances the scene brilliantly! 

“Django Unchained” ends 2012 as a "blockbuster" box office smash. The movie's controversial director Quentin Tarantino is thrilled the "much anticipated" flick has tongues wagging from "Hollywood to Huntsville." 

“Django Unchained” is now in contention for an Oscars and a Golden Globe Award. "VISION/VOICE/VARION" is happy to report Hamilton, Boynton, Wooten, Beard and Allen are enjoying the ride.

Courtesy: Special Assignment Operations, Inc.
"Huntsville Unchained"

At press time "Freedom" had surpassed a major hurdle, beating out nearly 75 other songs to be performed live during The Academy Awards January 10, 2013. Tradition dictates that only five musical scores from movies of the previous season are performed during the lengthy awards show.

Congratulations Anthony, Elayna, Kelvin, Daniel and Duane. You are upholding a long honored  tradition for North Alabama. Your continued success is a vivid reminder of Musicle Shoals long and rich history in the industry. Aretha Franklin is just one of many great Pop Music legends who made their way to North Alabama to lay down the tracks to some of their biggest hits. 

I'm sure I speak for thousands all over Alabama when I say, “Freedom” is already “golden”. "Let Freedom Ring!"  “Let Freedom Ring!” 


For more information on "Huntsville Unchained"-visit:  Huntsville Unchained-FB Fan Page

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