Monday, August 13, 2012


(HUNTSVILLE, AL.)  Look at what I discovered today. To all you parents screaming for your kids to get out the house , check this out. A game of Hopscotch played with a 21st century style! This is certainly not your father's "rock of ages". These college kids were having the time of their lives playing one of my favorite childhood games. They had the chalk, the side walk and the desire to play, but when I took a second look, much to my surprise they were using a smart phone to play this age old childhood game. That's right, hopscotch, there's an app for that!
It would appear the "smart phone" now takes the place of a rock or stick to mark the spot for players to hop. The guy calling the game actually rolled the dice on his smartphone. The players were all too happy to oblige. He hit a couple of "snake eyes," but it didn't deter these competitive players who are mastering this age old tradition with a modern day twist. It is good to know somethings never change.

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