Monday, January 23, 2012

She Speaks book signing by Katina Walton

When "She Speaks", she speaks of heartache, depression, anxiety, molestation and sometimes yes, even incest!  She speaks of the calamities and tragedies that have polarized her life. She speaks of a longing to be free from all that plagues her spirit. The poets in "She Speaks" talk about their struggles, challenges, victories and even triumphs in overcoming their demons, oppressors and their "audacity of hope."

Saturday, January 21, 2012 Katina Walton's vision of "She Speaks" was realized with the official book signing and performances of some of the most prolific poets featured in her anthology of poetry.  It was standing room only as all of North Alabama came out to hear the words of these driven, determined women.  Women freeing their minds, their bodies and their hearts.

This video was created and edited by Charles Beason.  He's is the graphics designer and co-publisher of Radar Magazine.  His skilled eye captured the essence of this incredible night. Through his careful selection of images and sound Charles captured a "moment in time" that's considered provoking, entertaining , empowering and leaves wanting more.

Congratulations Katina Walton, not only are you my little sister, but you're my best barometer for how to take it to "another level."

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