Sunday, August 19, 2012

And The Winner Is.......

Katina "One Queen" Walton and Marc Lacy
2012 National Poetry Awards 

(St. Louis, Mo.)--Oprah's Book Club has nothing on this group. They are the "best of the best!" Poets, writers, authors, lyricists, singers and song writers of the spoken word from all over the country conveying in St. Louis this weekend for the third annual National Poetry Awards.  Men and women, young and old, black and white who stand united in their passion for the rhythm and rhyme of every word and sound they recite.

The National Poetry Awards, (NPAs) is a national poetry arts group which began in the United States with the first awards ceremony held in Raleigh, North Carolina in August 2010.  The NPAs supports artists in every artistic genre including, but not limited to performing and visual arts, literary arts and creative design.

Among the attendees this year is a delegation from Huntsville, Alabama. Three nominees who are accomplished writers in their own right also representing Artnsoul Poetry,  a unified group of writers and poets raising the social consciousness of folks living in North Alabama. Three members nominated in three different categories: Poet of the Year-Marc Lacy; Poet/Author of the Year: Katina Walton and Spoken Word Radio of the Year: Marcus Sims.

Cliche, but true, it is an honor just to be nominated, however I was ecstatic when I got the news my little sister and her mentor, Marc Lacy walked away with the top prize in both their categories.    

Marc Lacy,  NPA's "Poet of the Year!" Congratulations Marc, it's been rewarding watching you mature as a seasoned and proven poet, author and lecturer.  I'm especially proud of your dedication to the old African proverb, "each one teach one!" I can't thank you enough for his unselfish act of reaching back and helping several as a founding member of Artnsoul, but I'm especially grateful to you for your dedication to other up and coming stars in the spoken-word genre like poet, writer, author and I'm proud to say my sister--Katina "One Queen" Walton.

Thank you for helping Katina in her struggle to find her own identity. The youngest of three, she entered college with something of a great weight on her shoulders. She had to come up through the ranks of two other over achievers in her family who had already carved out their own legacies. 

My brother Ganester and I have enjoyed our time in the limelight in our perspective careers, however we never could have imagined one day--our little sister would "pig tails" would grow up and surpass every one's expectations when it comes to her own accomplishments.

Katina is the first in our family to not only obtained a Masters Degree in early childhood education, but soon she'll be known as Dr. Walton.  Katina "One Queen" Walton is a candidate for a Ph.D.

"One Queen" spitting on the mic
"Born to teach," she  has spent several years in the public school system and at the University level training future educators to fight for their rightful place in classroom.  Five years ago the family discovered her new found passion for putting pen to paper and raising the awareness of being "fiercely feminine" through the grit and grime of every poetic word she uttered.  

"One Queen" as she is affectionately called surprised us all with the release of her first book, "She Speaks," a collection poetry from spirit filled women who came together to raise their voices to speak out against tragic events that effect the human spirit.  Women who were brave enough to tell their stories of cancer, rape, incest and domestic violence. Women who trusted this young visionary, "a single woman on a single mission" to use words that would heal, empower and restore.

Soon my sister, the accomplished writer and poet will release her second book. "Scribed Blues" is a collection of Katina's  own poetry that will solidify the gifts God has placed in her as she remains diligent in perfecting those gifts as a writer and educator.                    

Bravo Katina and well done as you accept your NPA as "Poetry Author of The Year!" You are not only an accomplished writer and poet, you've earned the credentials to prove it.  All of the sacrifices, sleepless nights and isolation to pen a literary work of art that would turn heads has finally paid off.

"Keep on keeping on" as you leave behind a legacy that's beyond reproach. You truly are a "shining star" and by far the best example to the "generation of Waltons" to come.

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